Booria Robotuft HMI (Human Machine Interface) Software is specially developed to ease the robot operator tasks.

This user-friendly interface using advanced algorithms to handle the Robotuft and provide special reports and controlling items to make the operator runs the robot smoothly.

Filing tasks, design previews, design selection, tufting process preview, setting the robot parameters like speed and dimensions, ability to view the tufting process on control unit while robot running and more are the capabilities which HMI provide operator.


Creates monitoring reports like; progress rate, process remaining time for each color, total process remaining time, tufting speed and more
Ability to set machine parameters like:
  Cut and Loop mode
  Min/Max of tufting speed
  Overall speed and ...
Design preview both in Raster and Vector format
Production time calculation for production planning
Ability to change and move design positions
Ability to rotate or flip design
View and control robot speed
Preview Production Process
USB and Network support
Multi lingual user interface